Past Programs & Clients

Prior to 2002, PEI's mission encompassed a wide variety of resource managment projects. PEI has worked with a wide variety of public and private sector clients, including:

King County Commercial Recycling Program

King County (Housing Authority, Solid Waste Division)

PEI implemented a program providing waste recycling and recycling services to businesses, institutions, and organizations in suburban and unincorporated communities throughout King county. PEI provided on-site consultation services, resource efficiency recommendations, and program implementation assistance, and developed analytical software applications to quantify costs and benefits. PEI also organized presentations, workshops, training seminars, and focus group discussions, and staffed the county's commercial WR/R information line.

Seattle Chamber Of Commerce Business Recycling Programs

Seattle Chamber Of Commerce Business Recycling Programs

PEI conducted workshops, focus groups, and presentations to community groups as part of the Seattle Chamber's voluntary commercial recycling campaign. Over 1,000 participants benefitted from PEI seminars and workshops over a five-year period. PEI also co-sponsored a series of free commercial waste-reduction workshops with Seattle's Business & Industry Recycling Venture and Building Owners & Managers Association.

Puget Power Energy Audit Program

Puget Power Energy Audit Program

PEI provided energy audit services for homes and businesses within the utility's multi-county service area. More than 12,000 energy audit consultations were performed using training manuals and educational techniques developed by PEI.

Saipan Energy Conservation Policy

Government of Saipan

PEI analyzed the legislative, executive, and judicial policies affecting energy development for Saipan's government-run electric utility, and recommended changes to encourage investments in energy efficiency. PEI also provided energy consultation services for Saipan's major businesses.

And a variety of additional clients, including:

DuPont Seattle City Light New Zealand Ministry of Energy Batetlle Memorial Institute University of Wisconsin Northern Arizona University Cal State University Pacific Lutheran University San Francisco State University Texas Tech