Leland Environmental Watershed Center


PEI developed and maintains a Watershed Education Center on Lake Leland in the Quilcene Watershed. The Center is located on about 8 acres of forested land, with easy access to Lake Leland, Leland Creek, the Little Quilcene River and Quilcene Bay.

The Center consists of a yurt and a small lab building. The 20' diameter yurt serves as a meeting place and a library, and is suitable for overnight stays.


The lab building is a small space for storage of equipment, and also houses the compost toilet and solar hot water system. A solar heated and wood-fired hot tub is also available for overnight guests and to demonstrate the solar hot water system.

PEI is happy to host visiting scientists and graduate students who have an interest in lake ecology at the facility. Contact us for more information.

Yurt House Compost Toilet