PEI is internationally recognized for its educational approach to implementing effective resource management. Working closely with our clients, PEI consultants tailor effective programs and provide the tools to implement and sustain them. Our clients benefit not only from more efficient resource use, but also from measurable savings.

Analysis & Consultation

PEI provides on-site analyses and recommendations, working with you to evaluate and analyze problems, identify options, design and implement solutions, inform and involve others, and monitor program implementation. Because PEI consultations are tailored to your specific needs, we continually achieve a high rate of implementation of our recommended strategies.

Public/Private Sector Coordination

PEI's extensive experience in the field providing hands-on assistance and training has given us a practical understanding of what works and why. At the same time, PEI's experience and active involvement in the public policy arena keeps us in touch with the goals and rationale of government resource management efforts at all levels. PEI uses this unique blend of experience and understanding to develop programs based in the mutual interests of both the public and private sectors.

Policy Analysis, Development & Advocacy

PEI, consistent with its mission to provide innovative solutions that enhance the efficient use of resources, monitors the public policy arena and advocates for practical, effective resource management policies. Our educational approach gets to the heart of a major obstacle to sound resource management--a lack of accurate and practical information. At the policy level, PEI is actively involved in keeping decision-makers apprised of the latest information and the potential resource impacts of their decisions. In the field, PEI is committed to providing the practical information necessary to implement successful programs.

Our field work often reveals legal and institutional barriers to resource conservation. PEI works with you to identify barriers and devise strategies to address them. We document the impact of these obstacles on resource management efforts and advocate for meaningful changes with federal, state and local policy-makers.

Education & Training

PEI is committed to helping you implement sustainable resource management programs, which means providing the knowledge and understanding to perpetuate these programs long after PEI's initial work is done. We strive to provide practical information and training to those responsible for implementing programs as well as those participating in them. We firmly believe that effective education and training are the most critical elements to long-term program success, which is why education is an integral component to PEI's approach--from initial consultation to final implementation.

PEI training workshops and seminars are planned as an integral part of resource program development. PEI's educational efforts also extend to the public policy arena. Our seminars on resource issues have provided the vehicle to explore policy options toward a sustainable future.