Leland Environmental Watershed Center

Solar Demonstration Projects

Solar Kiosk

PEI has installed and maintains two types of solar facilities at its Watershed Education Center. The solar kiosk generates electricity with a 1000-watt array of photovoltaic modules. This PV system is inter-tied into the Puget Sound Energy electric grid, and we have engaged into a net-metering agreement with PSE. This system supplies about 50% of what is needed for yurt lighting and a small water pump.

PEI also has a solar hot water system that runs independently from the electric grid. It heats water for the hot tub and for use at the lab building by using an anti-freeze heat transfer system. The water is stored in two hot water tanks totaling 120 gallons, so that hot water is always available on demand.

A third solar system exists on property next to that of PEI, where an 80 watt PV module powers a Dankoff Solar Water Pump that lifts water from a pond to a water storage tank for fire suppression needs, which is over 100' up the hill. This system operates primarily during the summer months.

PEI worked with Power Trip Energy Corp to design and install these three systems. Power Trip Energy is a contractor that specializes in renewable energy systems and provides design and installation in Western Washington. Tours of the solar systems at Lake Leland are available to any interested groups or individuals. Contact us for more information.